That Emptiness

I’m ready to give up. To sleep and never wake up. I lost my love. I want red crimson trails to sink into my clothes. He doesn’t care. He isn’t listening to my pleas. I need him to love me. To make me smile like he used to. I think its too late though. That emptiness has taken over. I want to vanish…



I lost my ordinary. The days feel longer. I keep finding myself waiting. I used to cherish the ordinary day, now I find myself not caring about them. He left. A strange pain fills my chest. I don’t know what to do without him. Even though he isn’t really gone it feels like he is. Nothing is normal. Every day has filled me with dread. I can’t keep going like this. I can’t keep planning for the future, because I’m losing today. I’m losing my ordinary.

A Thoughtless Man

You are a thoughtless man who lost the thing you claimed was most dear to you. You pushed it away. Killed it in a few words. Then you hide it from sight. Letting the darkness take hold of her. Letting her wither and die alone. You are a thoughtless man who ignored the pleas of your lover. That is who you are now without your title. A thoughtless man.

A Presintation

Of course, I would support him. No matter the endeavor. I’m in love with him. I would move the world to see him. To be in his arms. I am empty without him. The warmth of his skin drives me to wake up every day. I need him… maybe because I have been long without a change. I wished his honeyed words were just a little longer, but that is his only fault in my eyes.

Happy Place

I want to be happy. Free of all these trouble. I want to blush when I read text not because they are inappropriate but because they show care. All of this tension all of these small touches are killing me. I always feel guilty afterwards, sick with myself. I want to be happy, I want your arms to be my happy place. But right now they aren’t…

A Difrent World

I keep my head stuck up in this fantasy cloud. He is the only reason I come down. A calming smile and a steady hand to guide me through all the pain I have been through. I need him to be loving and caring. I need him to want me, and to prove it with every breath takes. Its the only thing that makes this world worth being in. All his sweet words are what keep me here.