From A Different View

I often find myself wondering what other people think. Some where out there, there is a long word for it. For this story if you will that word does not matter.

This desire to know what people think has lead me to ask questions. Questions that seem to force people to lose trust in me.

I want to know what the lion thinks of me, I want to be welcomed into his pride, but the grey hound has already claimed me as a member of his pack. It would be rude to go back on a promise. Especially if it is just to take a chance. The grey hound says he loves me and always will, but then he goes silent. All I know about the lion though is that he gives me a chance at my old life.

Should I howl at the moon, or should I roar.

All of this would be so much easier if the lion and the grey hound were upfront with their feelings.


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