Missing His Warmth

When you are always as cold as I am, having an amazing man who holds you tight and gives you his warmth is one of the greatest things in the world. I wish he was here to hold me now. I wish he was here to hold me firmly with his soft touch. Tomorrow can never come soon enough. If only he was here then tomorrow coming or not would not matter. I miss his warmth. I miss him.



Of course, I said yes. How could I say no to his brown eyes? I would love to write the story of us going to prom, one condition. It’s a non-fiction story. I love you. God damn, I love you so much. What did I do to deserve you? I can’t stop smiling. Thank you.

Back At It

We’re back. I missed being in his arms. Seeing his amazing smile makes everything better. He is not the only reason I’m happy about being back though. I missed her too. My best friend. The girl I trust with every part of my life. I couldn’t live without either of them. They are my heart and my lungs. I couldn’t be happier.

Can’t Stay Away

I love him. Can’t stop thinking about him. That smile. It was that smile that got me. I would do anything to see that smile. To see him. I’m addicted. He said he would stay and I’m clinging to his words. He wants me to stay. I hate being so far away from him. He loves me.

Note From The Author

I think it’s about time we had a little chat. After all you have been sitting there just listening. It’s summer! Why are you not out enjoying it? Go enjoy the world. Just do something. Don’t wait around for the time to be right because it never will be. Don’t worry about me. I’ve spent enough time on this beautiful rock. I suppose this is a goodbye. At least for now. Maybe.

Hey Babe

I’ve never been so happy in my life. Summer finally came. I’m no longer the broken husk that I thought I was, but rather the beautiful green eyed girl. I can’t stop smiling. I feel so safe in your arms. I thought you would never ask, I’m so glad you did. I don’t think I have ever blushed so much in my life. Your hand in mine is one of the greatest feelings this world has to offer. Thank you.

When Then?

I’ve kept my promise, even though I really don’t want to. I’m just wondering when you’ll keep yours. My friends keeping asking if we’re together. I say no, and they give a confused look, then ask ‘when will you be then?’ I don’t have the answer from them, and when I ask you all I get is soon. I want the thoughts to go away. I know I’m better than this. I’m trying to wait, but every time I see you I’m reminded of it.