I Never Thought

It is strange liking someone who is here, and not across a border or an ocean.  He likes me back too, even wants to be with me. I never thought a guy like him would like me. He makes me speechless. Which speaks for itself. He encourages me to be me, and in this world that is rare. I would love to be with him, but it’s just not in the cards right now. Almost seems like a dirty trick. I could go on and on about how happy he makes me, but I would be frowning while I did. You see he makes me so incredibly happy, and that worries me. What if he finds someone else? I told him that I wouldn’t wait for forever, what I didn’t say was I’ll wait for as long as I need to. Forever for me is at most eight months and I know I would wait longer for him even if it drives me crazy. After all I got lucky. It’s not everyday you find someone that makes you happy.


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