I Can’t Wait For Forever

So much has happened today, and there is so much I want to say. I just wish I knew how to say it. I just wish I knew what words I could string together that would form a sentence that would make you understand. You make me so happy, just doesn’t seem like enough. I will wait for you doesn’t sound right either. Maybe it’s because it’s not the full story. You make me happy, but the voices in my head use it against me. It won’t last they scream. He will leave you they shout. Maybe they’re right maybe one day you will leave like everyone else. I can’t worry about that right now, I’m too busy thinking about your eyes and that contagious smile. I will wait for you, just isn’t the full story either. I will wait for you, but I won’t wait for forever. My depression won’t let me. All it does is talk about how you’ll find someone new. When I’m around you it doesn’t seem true, but late at night long after you go to bed and I’m all alone, it’s the only thought in my head. I’m sorry it had to be this way. I’m sorry life is so confusing.


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