Only A Kiss Can Break The Curse

A long, long time ago, there was this beautiful young girl. She was unique. She was unstoppable. People got jealous. Soon this beautiful girl was surrounded by enemies. She tried running to her love, but he cast her out. She fell to the ground, and she would not get back up. I say would not, it is more like could not. She had never been broken and because of this she did not know how to fix herself. Finally a man took pity, he picked her up and carried her. He walked for awhile, and during that while they were both happy. Soon she became to much of a burden, and he had to leave her. She waited for the next man to come along, because she believed it was the only way to get better. Someone did come along, but again she became a burden, and again she waited. A man upon looking at her was disgusted, he gave a wicked smile, and picked her up like all those before him. Before she could become a burden however, he cursed her to a life of pain, and misery. She begged passer bys to help her, but none would. She tried walking on her own, but each time resulted in more pain. Only true loves kiss could break this curse, sadly no one would ever love her.


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