Personally I could call myself attractive all day long, and to me it wouldn’t be a lie. It is only a lie when someone else says it. Now I could blame it on my past and go into gory details about all the guys who said it, but never meant it. That however would take far too long, so instead I’m going to explain the recent conversation where I denied being attractive. All starts with this cute guy, well this amazingly handsome guy is more accurate, but anyway. I called him attractive, which took more guts than I actually have, but I did it. He proceeded to argue with me, I don’t think he’s ever looked in a mirror. This argument lead to him making a statement that basically meant I was more attractive than him, which is so far from truth it hurts. He however won the argument, because I fell asleep. Just earlier that day though I was bragging about how good-looking I was. See it makes no sense.

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