Most of my injuries are internal, that doesn’t mean I don’t have cuts and bruises. I have found cuts and bruises heal, so I no longer worry about them. The pain that rips me apart won’t heal. It will dull, but never disappear. I have scars to prove I can survive a beating, but my tear stained pillows say that my past will always haunt me. Maybe it’s because I don’t talk about. I leave it to simmer, while I try to forget. Have you ever left a pot of water on the stove, while the stove is on? Even on low the water still boils. Trying to forget a past like mine is like believing the stove will magically turn off, or thinking the water won’t boil. It always will. If you don’t want the water to boil you have to turn of the stove. You don’t want to cry you have to talk to someone.


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