Cinderella fell in love with a man she had never spoken to. Prince Charming fell in love with a girl who had no name. But when I tell you I’ve met someone who makes me smile, and laugh, and who I can talk to about anything, you give me a funny look because I didn’t ask him what his name was. Why is that so important? What is a name compared to a night of freedom and happiness? Almost every girl I know would die to be Cinderella. They would die to be the girl in the most beautiful dress, the girl who dances with a stranger and falls in love. So don’t give me that look, if you were in my shoes you wouldn’t know his name either.


6 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. This got to be funny…… But i really liked reading about you…. Strangely last night only i was done with my novel “because of low” by abbi…. So the lead was named willow and that’s kind of similar to you don’t know but it seems….. As i read your other post she also preferred the brown eyed boy over the blue who was trying to make her fall in love with him… But he was her childhood friend and turned into her eyes best friend …..i know you gonna thing god she is crazy and i know i am but that was the reason i passed through all your blogs…… Sorry for my stupidity ….but it was really nice to know you…… Be happy and keep smiling….. ☺☺☺


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