I have spent my whole life trying to find someone who was worth it. A few times I thought I had, but they left just as quickly as they came, and I was left with missing pieces. I started to feel empty. I did everything I could to feel better. That night it was talking to you. I didn’t even think you would reply back, and if you did there was no guarantee that you would help, but I had to try. You were unique. You made it so easy to smile. We didn’t know each other, but we talked like we were best friends. It’s amazing how you see people every day and none of them can tell that you cry yourself to sleep. None of them realize that your puffy red eyes aren’t lack of sleep. The really amazing thing is that a stranger half a world away can see right through that fake smile, or that ‘I’m fine’. I used to wonder if love is worth the distance, then I met you.

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