Forgotten love

I only ever wanted you, but I realized that too late. You are my one wish. Please come back to me, please don’t leave forever. I need you. I need you! Everything hurts, but the only thing I can do is cling to that little button and think about the promise I broke. I wish you were here, I wish I had never let go, but it’s safer this way. No matter how much I love you, no matter how much I want to be with you, he won’t let me. He’ll just keep whispering lies too you, and one day you will believe them, and one day you’ll move on, but I’ll still be here clinging to this button.


A Wish

I wish so desperately that you were here with me on this cold winter night. You are the one present I want, that Santa can’t give. I’ve never wanted something so badly but those brown eyes give me a high nothing else can match. Please love come home to me for Christmas.


He was here and then he was gone. I knew it wouldn’t last, but I thought I wouldn’t need him this much. I have had my heart broken over and over again. Every time I got the same advice, move on. Would you tell a man with a broken leg to just walk it off? No. So don’t tell me it will get better. Don’t tell me I’m fine. I need him in my life. I need his smile, his sweet words, his gentle touch. But he went off to fight a war for the losing side.

A Different World

Everyone else could be sold as novels. I could too if you like one word books with no meaning. ‘Help’the only word I had ever said in my entire life. Just like everyone else it was etched into my skin. It was a sick joke. Everyone thought I was mute, but I just never knew what to say. Every time I was about to speak I was reminded of how no one listened. I screamed help at the top of my lugs but no one came. Why would they listen to mindless banter? Even when they see it on my skin they do nothing. I was just some mute girl with scars to them. Truth is I’m not mute, I speak its just no one listens.

A Dream

I had been staring into his eyes all night. Well what I could see of them as he drove. I was suppose to be looking for a place to stop, but his face was new to me. I had seen it before, but not like this, smile. This smile that showed just how badly he wanted this. I wanted to memorize that smile. The one that proved he loved me. We were finally free. We had finally beaten the distance. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and he knew it. Too bad he was just part of a dream that would end soon.

A Threat

You threaten me like I care. Like your words will change the truth. I tried to be nice. Don’t expect me to make that mistake twice. I’m not a kind person by nature, so think again before you hurt me or the ones I love. When threatened I become as relentless and as protective as a wolf guarding her pups. I smile at you, and you believe everything is fine, just remember predators bare their teeth as a last warning.

The Blue Eyed Man

The blue eyed man promised me safety, when I thought I needed it most. He was a charming lie. Something I never wanted, but thought I needed. He tried to steal me away from the man I love. An awful trick that he had practice with. The blue eyed man would have made me fall in love with him, but I’ve always preferred brown eyes.I prefer the eyes of the man that loves me, the eyes of the man that makes me smile. The dark brown eyes of the man I love, and want to be with forever.