A Single Glance

With a single glance we determine so much. We determine the worth of something, we determine if its dead weight, or a needed pain. One look determines so much, but some people are so good at hiding. Some people get so used to hiding. Letting a lie crack their face. You look at them and believe they are happy, but no one knows if , or when they really are. A single glance can determine so much, but it can’t determine if someone is lying.


Sour Memories

The longer a memory sits, the more sour it gets. They become this way because we move on and try to forget how happy we were. we always can remember how happy we were with them, but never why they left. The little things will remind us of them. Like the laugh of someone new. Or the words they once spoke uttered from a new lovers mouth. Sour memories have such a foul odor most cry in their presence. No matter how hard you try to forget, try to dispose of these memories, no matter how perfect the next person is, you will always remember the good-bye that came before, the happily ever after that wasn’t so happy.

A Good Story

A good story? I don’t have a good good story. I do know a story though one about the love of two broken pieces. They kept trying to find their missing piece, but just ended up more broken. It was luck that brought them together. A simple text. A hello from miles away. The distance couldn’t keep them apart no matter how hard it tried. An eight hour drive could have killed the distance, but neither of them could make it. So there they sat going from one hello to another waiting for it to be over. Waiting to be in each others arms.

A Boy

It is always a boy it seems. Always a knight waiting to save his damsel. The girl I mentioned before had many knights try to save her, but the dragon always won (ha, thought we wouldn’t talk about dragons did ya). That was of course until he came along. In all honesty he was a damsel in distress himself. So I can’t say he saved her, because it is only part of the truth. They saved each other. everyday they continue to save each other. He was her wings, and she was his fresh breath of air.

A Girl

This girl used to have the brightest smile, the kind of smile that was contagious. An evil man stole it from her. She changed then. Now she welcomes the darkness with open arms. If you ask her why she does this, why she welcomes the darkness. She will look at you and smile, and say ‘Because darkness is a good lover, always there for me when I need him’. People say that she didn’t want to get better, but that is the farthest thing from true. Her one happy life got taken from her and she just couldn’t find it.